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A campaign about small beginnings and characters with lives that take them places they would not have imagined.

Twenty-five years have passed since a large war that shattered nations and re-mapped the world, leaving people scattered. It is a time of peace, where people are just beginning to discover the new kingdoms and cultures that have taken hold of the world. In some places, nations stand the same as they have for thousands of years past. In others, only small towns dot the landscape, ignorant of politics or the worries of a world.

The story begins in one such place, the town of Bellshire. Here live people of all race and kinds; some may be old enough to have served in the war while others have always lived in peace. People of all professions before the war have made their home in Bellshire and the town, while small, burgeons with a lively bustle.

Image not entirely representative of the town. The town of Bellshire

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