From Bellshire

Welcome to Bellshire

Hopefully, everyone involved in the campaign will find their way here eventually. Some of you have already been involved in the (Google) wave and know what’s going on. Depending on who else I get to join, some of you might have no idea what the hell this is. To this end, I hope to explain it.

I have some weaknesses as a DM, and I want to address them. I also want to try new things. To that end, I’m planning a three-session adventure/”campaign” that will work differently than mine have in the past. Some of the most pertinent goals for this adventure include:

  • keeping it short
  • keeping it simple
  • involve the PCs

And how am I going to do this? Well, I’m not doing it alone; the players are going to help. Each one of you will choose one of the Backgrounds (once you have, please link it to your PC’s page), in addition to any other backstory/character traits they may want. Each background comes with a task, and each player must perform their task, most likely by editing the wiki to reflect the part of the world they’ve created. Once everyone has created their character they will also pick one other PC and describe their relationship to that character. In this way we can make sure the party not only knows eachother, but has reason to adventure together. There are a few other rules:

  • no evil characters
  • keep the deep, dark, personal secrets to a minimum

Finally, part of why I am doing things the way I am is to try and create a more believable setting for players to express their believable characters. I am not trying to make your role-play; I don’t care if you speak out of character or make jokes or whatever. I do, however, want players who will make decisions the way their character would and are genuinely interested in seeing their character’s personal story progress.

Thanks all for being willing to take part. In addition to this wiki for the more complicated planning, there is a forums tab where we can discuss things like scheduling. Please visit there now and report in. Once you’ve done that, keep up with the forum. If you don’t like refreshing, leave email notifications turned on, I will be sending them when I post.

Lastly: I really want to make this work. This means you need to commit to three nights over three weeks where you will be available to play. Make sure you finish your assignments beforehand and don’t make other plans. You should also check the forum regularly; I don’t want to be emailing everyone when we’re scheduling.


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